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When students create
solutions for their
fellow citizens.

Watch E-move on a test environment 


Needed in every project

The student’s motivation came from there everyday lives in a small city like Corfu island in Greece. Motivation came naturally by observation and a lot of talk!

The problem

An everyday challenge

Persons with disabilities face discrimination and barriers that restrict them from participating in society on an equal basis with others every day. This is the problem that the students tried to give a small solution.

The Solution

Easy and cheap

Students tried to imagine, how they can combine knowledge that they got in android development and in Arduino robotics creation and to create something that will halp persons with disabilities on their every day lives.

The app


E-move. The first student app that combines robotics and mobile android development. The user is able to manually control traffic lights making his move in the city’s environment easier.

E-move and I.O.T.

E-move the app 
Innovative idea
Creative solution for all

The main purpose of the project is to introduce a solution for as many personds with disabilities as possible.

Low Consuming Energy

Bluetooth has been chosen as the main technology of interaction between the application and the Arduino.

Mobile App
M.I.T. App Inventor

M.I.T,'s software for Andoid application development has been chosen due to the easy introduction to the students.

Low Budget Solution

The most amazing aspect of E-move is the factthat it can be implemented by any municipality with cost about 30 euros per traffic light.

A short description of E-move

Learn why e-move is so important to a lot of persons.

Our proposal aims to integrate people with disabilities better into society as well as to the benefit of all citizens of the European Union from the advantages of technological change that has taken place in recent years at a global level. Our idea is innovative as it uses tomorrow's technologies and presents pioneering solutions to optimize the current situation of people with disabilities.

Project e-move is a part of a larger online platform aiming to bring people closer so that they can talk, solve their problems and connect them with the municipality that they live in, so that local communities can get a better record of these people and can provide solutions to their everyday lives. With E-move users will be able to use roads, sidewalks, traffic lights and public transport in a much easier way.

For example, using the E-move application, a user may have a map showing him the best route for his destination depending on the problem he is facing. He will know beforehand the sidewalks from which he can move comfortably, activate the traffic lights in order to give him the necessary time to pass the road, also to be familiar with the ways of public transport that are friendly to its problem, and finally the municipal services or private businesses that are friendly to his work or entertainment. .

E-move 1st place Competition

1st place at the Ionio Student Innovation in Corfu Greece 2017.


The most important aspect is the team spirit 

Michalis Altintzis


Main interests Web developement, Arduino Programming. Projects CorfuPedia, E-move. 

Ilias Souvlakis


Main interests networking, Hardware engineering. Projects CorfuPedia, E-move.

Andreas Vlassis


Main interests Web development, Arduino Programming. Projects CorfuPedia, E-move.

Sotiris Fotiou

Computer Science Teacher

Main interests Android Mobile Development, Arduino Programming, Projects NeverLost app, Nevermissabus, CorfuPedia, E-move.